ina and I provide a home-like atmosphere for your loved one. We have spent a lot of thought on how to make the folks we serve feel at home. We have decorated the house with furniture and other items that come from the 40's and 50's because this was their period. It seems to give them a level of comfort and familiarity and feels good and right, even though they may not know why.

We have found over the years that when these folks get their water, medications, and three balanced meals a day (on time), they are able to live at their best. They can think better, move better, and just enjoy life a whole lot more. When they are clean and well dressed, it is also more fun for you to come and spend time with them, and/or take them out.

During the last 12 years we have been caring for the elderly we have found that a simple, easy to understand pricing system works best for us as well as our residence's families. Please call (707) 569-8203 for pricing.

Our pricing includes all daily needs for the resident. There are no extra levels of care or hidden charges. Personal products used only on your specific resident will be provided by residents agent including incontinence products. There are only three services not related to daily care that we charge extra for:

  1. Bowel Incontinence - requires immediate, personal attention and facility cleaning - $400 monthly
  2. Medical Transportation - requirings extra staffing to cover for Dina as she personally goes on the doctor visits as the residence's advocate. - $100 per visit.

We look forward to meeting your loved one!

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